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DevicesTimePreis Lt w/o VAT
PICCOLO III 24/251 Week28,96
PICCOLO III 8E/8E4LWeek28,96
HAN 101-70Week57,92
Hand screwing press
(for eyelets or rivets
EPM 01
Exenter press
(for eyelets or rivets)
It is possible to work in our rooms1-3 h.14,48  + material
additional. h. 

2 till 15 pagesHAN 24 or HAN 8Ewith 2 eyelets1,74
2 till 15 pagesHAN 24 or HAN 8Ewith 2 eyelets, thread and label2,32
2 till 20 pagesHAN 25 or HAN 8E4Lwith 2 eyelets2,03
2 till 20 pagesHAN 25 or HAN 8E4Lwith 2 eyelets, thread and label2,61
40 till 80 pagesHAN 273with 2 eyelets4,34 
40 till 80 pagesHAN 273with 2 eyelets, thread and label4,90